Being an adult on the autism spectrum comes with abundant challenges. These challenges multiply when being BIPOC, including coping with and navigating regular harassment and discrimination on an individual and systemic level. While some materials do exist for teaching life and social skills for adults with autism, they neglect the BIPOC experience with all its associated nuances, risks, complexities, and deeper needs. This course is one of the first attempts to bridge this gap in resources.

Given the additional layers of stress, pressure, and complexity that is the backdrop of our lives as neurodivergent BIPOC adults, this course seeks to teach more fundamental inner skills that are required for integrating with society. Some of these skills include: 

  • Navigating the US healthcare system to get your diagnosis and receive support, and understanding why a diagnosis is important

  • Defining your values and priorities for more meaningful interactions

  • Original and proven techniques and routines to effectively manage time, conserve energy, make important decisions, and maintain overall well-being

  • Creating a safe and nourishing environment

  • And much more

These internal life skills will prepare you for building meaningful relationships and engaging with society, which will be taught in the second course of this series, Social Skills for People of Color on the Autism Spectrum.


“Aftab’s Life Skills course for POC on the Autism Spectrum is a resource I have been waiting for! As a mental health clinician who primarily works with people of color, I have found that there has been an undeniable absence of materials that can be offered specifically to individuals and families of color who seek to gain a compassionate and rich understanding of how being on the spectrum is experienced in their or their loved ones’ bodies. This feels like such a complete course that is both accessible and enjoyable to folks of many different generations, traditions, and cultures. I feel like I could share this with my abuelita to help her understand my teen cousin and to my teen cousin! Thank you for this offering, Aftab!”

Danielle Herrera, LMFT

“Aftab is a fabulous teacher and offers a wide variety of explanations, tools, and resources for how to navigate an independent and creative life.”

Nick Benavides

“This is an extremely well-thought out course and resource not only for BIPOC on the autism spectrum but also for anyone who is interested in dismantling ableism, racism, etc. Aftab does an excellent job at synthesizing key points about what autism is, how it intersects with race/ethnicity, and gives concrete steps towards living a more empowered life surrounded by people who aren't toxic and will accept you for who you are. I also love the little cheetah and lion at the beginning of the videos! Everyone should take this course! It's increased my own compassion and awareness tenfold. Thank you for bringing it into the world.”

Elaine Lai

Course curriculum

    1. Lesson 2: Understanding Your Autism

    2. Lesson 3: Your Autism Diagnosis

    1. Lesson 4: Building Your Compass, Values

    2. Lesson 5: Building Your Compass, Priorities

    1. Lesson 6: Managing Your Goals and Time

    2. Lessons 7: Year Goals

    3. Lesson 8: Year Roadmap

    4. Lesson 9: Weekly Plan

    5. Lesson 10: Weekly Calendar & More

    1. Lesson 11: Daily Routines

    2. Lesson 12: Evening Routines

    3. Lesson 13: Diet

    4. Lesson 14: Environment

    5. Lesson 15: Conclusion

About this course

  • $19.99
  • 15 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

In this course, you will learn to successfully:

  • Navigate healthcare to get your autism diagnosis, and learn how a diagnosis is beneficial to you

  • Define and refine your values and priorities in a way that stays true to your culture

  • Learn powerful time management techniques, including how to efficiently make decisions

  • Protect and manage your energy so you have more inner resources to meet the world

  • Implement tested health and wellness techniques to keep you grounded and prevent meltdowns


Aftab Hafeez

Aftab Hafeez is a UX Researcher at Google, music producer, and film composer based in Palo Alto, California. As a Colombian-Pakistani American on the autism spectrum who went from minimally verbal to teaching himself to think in words, and with a deep understanding of human behavior that has several multiple Fortune 500 companies, he pulls from both extensive research and his own first-hand experience to teach life and social skills for people of color that yield meaningful interactions on an interpersonal and societal level.